Light Delight

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Light Delight technology introduces innovation and safety inside the kitchen and bathroom taps.

Together with the water jet is emitted a beam of colored light that changes when the temperature change: with cold water (temperature below 18 ° C) the light is blue, with lukewarm water (between 18 °c and 38 °c) the beam changes between the blue and the violet, with warm water (temperature above 38 °c) the colour turns red.

The energy to generate the light beam is obtained by water flowing through two microturbines placed under the mixer and the color change is regulated by a sensor located at the outlet of the water stream. There are no electrical connections, batteries or accumulators.

Light Delight offers an immediate visual indication of the water temperature, generates an emotional sensation of great effect and creates an exclusive environment and is available in many different models for the bathroom and kitchen.

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